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Call Us Today: 325-665-8025


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Why is Duke Construction Better? -

We are local and reliable, meaning we will show up soon and leave you without any worries. 

We won't paint over damage, we'll repair it and make sure your home is protected inside and out. 

We don't just throw globs of paints on your home, we paint it to look nice and offer styling as well. 

We have years of shared and varied painting experience.

Don't Wait to Improve Your Home -




Trim Work

It's fast and easy with Duke Construction!

There are few things that you can do to your home to improve the overall look that will be as effective as having a fresh coat of paint painted on it. Suddenly your home stands out with an updated curb appeal. It is a job that is easy to put aside for another time but stalling or procrastinating can be a problem when it comes to maintaining the paint exterior of your home.

That is because the longer you wait, the more damage your home may be experiencing. Rotting wood is a haven for insects and it provides access into your home. We can remove and replace rotten boards and overhangs. Then we caulk around door and windows to provide you as watertight and insect resistant a surface as we can . We will also power wash and scrape away old paint off the wood. Then we apply a quality primer where needed and the paint to provide you a great finish that will give you years of enjoyment.

A Quality Paint Job - 

While inspecting your home’s exterior we might discover facia and soffit boards that are worn due to moisture. We can replace these items with wood, or fiber cement boards. One new product we are using more often are PVC boards. It is made out of the same plastic that your drain pipes and many other plumbing applications use. A major benefit of PVC is it will not rot because its plastic and also very durable with an advanced wood-grain look. 

What every product you choose to replace on your home we will be glad to install and give it that unique color that says this is my home. And how about the inside of your home?. Maybe you have a special design that you want to add to a wall, like stripes. We can do that too. And are you getting tired of that popcorn ceiling? We can remove popcorn and retexture ceilings with several different types of texture. We would love to be your one stop painting professionals.