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Call Us Today: 325-665-8025


The trusted ceramic tile provider in Abilene, TX and Surrounding Areas

We Use
Schluter Systems Tile

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Why is Schluter Systems Better? -

They are dedicated to creating innovative solutions for the tile industry and develop practical solutions to tile installation challenges.

Shcluter Systems has extensive knowledge of tile assemblies, with cutting edge tiles that provide maximum protection. 

Their Tiles have a hidden glazed edge  not found on most other tile, giving it a straight and clean transition to adjoining surfaces. 

We are trained and certified by Schluter themselves to install their beautiful and durable tiles. 

Creating Healthy Environments -




Living Areas

Nothing changes the look of these areas like beautiful ceramic tile.

Some of the most common problems we run into are leaking showers, mold, or tile that has fallen off in the shower area. We also see a lot of cracked flooring tile, caused by lack of protection.

Working along side Schluter Systems, we have developed a great method of installation with their great tiling products to help combat these issues and keep your tile floors looking beautiful and whole.

One such approach that we provide is a by using tiles with water proof membranes in order to keep the water from penetrating past the tile providing a much more healthy environment. You won't find this very important feature in regular tile products. 

The Best Looks and Protection -

We Want to Provide You Design and Luxury Options

There is a great list of edge profiles that you can choose from. These  are used around the edge of the shower and kitchen these make the tile seamless and reduce the chance of chipping damage. 

Tired of cold, wet tile? Well we can install for you beautiful heated tile floors. These are great at keeping your feet warm in the winter. Have a hard or expensive surface beneath your tile? Not a problem!  

If you choose, we can provide a floor membrane that is placed on concrete or wood, providing a cushion on the tile from the top for cushion and protection from moisture.

Want to add some style or give your showers, bathrooms or kitchens some utility? We also make custom niches, so you have plenty space for your shampoos and soaps.