Replacing Your Fence in the Back Yard

Backyard Fencing

You look out the back yard at that fence. Ever since you bought your home you have wanted to replace it. Parts of the fence is missing, one whole side is leaning to one side and you have to do a power lifting exercise to open either the front or back gates. Yes! it is […]

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Steps to Refinishing a Wood Floor

Refinishing wooden floors

Refinishing wood floors can greatly enhance the beauty of your home. By having your hardwood floors restored you avoid the problems that can be found with carpet and other flooring types. Cleaning is easier with hardwoods, usually just going over them with a damp mop will do, whereas with carpet you really need to hire […]

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Things to Consider When Planning to Remodel Your Home

Over the last few years my wife and I have had to wrestle with the decisions related to our parents and where they wanted to live. There comes a point where it isn’t realistic to expect our parents to keep a home going with all the upkeep that’s required as they age. These are hard […]

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